TXT’s Relationship With Their Manager Is Hilariously Chaotic And We’re Living For It

It seems like they’re having a good time!

TXT unintentionally revealed their close and chaotic relationship with their manager while eating ramen during a “T:TIME” video, and it’s the cutest thing.

| @TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter

While Beomgyu sat down to eat the ramen he made, a few people (presumably his members) could be heard causing a ruckus and playing a game in the background. At one point, Beomgyu looks around to see what was going on with all the noise, and reveals that Soobin was competing with their manager.


It’s unclear what game they were playing, but Soobin won 3-0, and their manager could be heard insisting on a rematch. Their laughs and chaotic yelling only stopped when Huening Kai went to share his ramen with Soobin, thus ending their little game competition. You can witness the chaos yourself in the video below:


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