TXT Slated To Release Song As Opening For Popular Japanese Anime

Fans are even more excited for the anime now.

Following their Japanese debut with first single album Magic Hour, TXT‘s promotions were so successful that they’ve received an opportunity to make their name even more well-known.

For the upcoming release of their follow-up single album DRAMA, the group will be releasing the Japanese versions of their songs “Drama” and “Can You See Me?” along with an entirely new track “Everlasting Shine”.

Little did everyone know, that new track will now be the opening for the popular Japanese anime. Even though TXT’s volleyball concept for the album’s photos reminded fans of sports anime Haikyuu!!, it’ll instead be for action anime Black Clover.

Since the show follows main characters who overcome every obstacle to achieve their objective of proving their worth, the song will reflect that inspiring message of “Do not give up on your dreams.” The combination of the hit anime along with TXT has fans even more hyped for its airing.

Although the song will be released on August 19 in TXT’s single album, it will air as the opening for the anime on September 1, reaching an even wider Japanese audience.

Congratulations to TXT for earning their first-ever Japanese anime opening, joining other groups like Stray Kids, who also featured as the opening song for Tower Of God. If you aren’t already watching, will you be tuning into the show?

Source: Black Clover Official and TXT Japan