TXT Reveal Their True Feelings On Being Called “4th Generation It-Boys”

They have a big title to live up to!

TXT recently participated in an intriguing interview with 1st Look Korea where they revealed their true feelings on being titled, “4th generation it-boy.”

Before the member discussed their well-deserved title, they talked about their accomplishments and what makes them special. For what they feel sets them apart from other artists, Soobin used their own lyrics to answer the question.

Q: What is the uniqueness of TOMORROW X TOGETHER that no one can copy?

It’s not my own expression, and it’s something I borrowed from our lyrics, but I would like to quote it since it really captures our identity. ‘There are kids that stubbornly collect stars even amidst the finger-pointing of people telling them that it’s useless work. That’s youth.’

— Soobin

Soobin continued and commented that much of their charms come from the hopes and concerns of the youth living in this time.

Even among our songs with bright and lively melodies, if you look under them, they hold the darkness of reality, as well as the worries and hopes of the youth that are living in this time period. I think it’s the unique charm of TOMORROW X TOGETHER derives from those things.

— Soobin

As for being titled “4th generation it-boys” as well as “Representatives of Gen Z,” Taehyun shared that they are extremely thankful for the name and that it makes them want to work hard to live up to it.

First off, we feel really great about them. We also feel thankful that people look at us as an icon to represent a whole generation. It makes us become resolute that we should continue to work hard to protect those titles for ourselves as well as earn other great titles.

— Taehyun