TXT And SEVENTEEN Were Nominated In The Same Category, And Their Reactions Show Their Close Friendship

Both groups and fans loved the fun moment.

The 12th Circle Chart Music Awards was full of fun interactions between idols, including HYBE labelmates SEVENTEEN and TXT.


For one of the show’s categories, TXT’s “Good Boy Gone Bad” was announced as a nominee right after SEVENTEEN’s “HOT”. Since SEVENTEEN’s BSS unit was in attendance, Seungkwan couldn’t help playfully squaring up with the TXT members nearby. Soobin immediately began to laugh.

Soobin got the attention of the other TXT members to join the funny moment. He then threw his fists up like Seungkwan as they pretended to fight for the win.

Afterward, Seungkwan and Soobin had a friendly chat like usual. Funnily enough, fans pointed out that their HYBE juniors LE SSERAFIM had been the group to take the win in the end.

Since Seungkwan and Soobin were too shy to talk to each other at first, it pleased everyone to see them become so close.


Watch the two make everyone laugh with their friendly shenanigans.