TXT Are Skater Boys In Their “FIGHT” Concept For “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE,” And MOAs Are Loving It

Can we please have a coming-of-age drama set in the ’90s starring TXT, please?

TXT are gearing up for their comeback, the repackaged album The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE! In their first concept, “FIGHT,” the group has released both photos and video clips that show the members as we’ve never seen them before.

TXT in “FIGHT” concept | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Yesterday, TXT released a set of concept photos for each member with an angsty yet fun skater boy aesthetic. First, we saw leader Soobin in a green beanie, posing at a skatepark.

TXT’s Soobin | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Then, Yeonjun looked like absolute boyfriend material in a baby blue graphic T-shirt with a pink skateboard.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

We’re all rejoicing as Beomgyu has returned with his “wolf cut” hairstyle! It totally goes with their previous concepts for The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE and now The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE.

TXT’s Beomgyu | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Meanwhile, Taehyun has light shaggy hair that is perfectly suited for the summer. If our albums look anything like his skateboard, we’ll take several copies, please.

TXT’s Taehyun | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Finally, maknae Hueningkai shows a more edgy side with his look. Plus, he amazes us with his skating skills!

TXT’s Huengkai | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

If that wasn’t enough to make us beyond excited for TXT’s comeback, HYBE LABELS has released concept clips as well! Back-to-back, they released a group clip followed by ones for the individual members. MOAs agree that the vibe is “so aesthetic. They’re like Pinterest guys.” In the OT5 video, we can see the members together at a skatepark while Skipp Whitman‘s “Never Afraid” plays.


In each members’ solo clip, “You Wouldn’t Know” by Zac Crook plays while the member hangs around the skatepark and even does some tricks. Soobin absolutely slays in his solo clip! Each scene is certainly wallpaper-ready.


Fact: Yeonjun is truly the skater boyfriend we all want but know we can never have, unfortunately…


We can all agree that Beomgyu’s hair in itself is a masterpiece. Yet, his visuals mixed with this aesthetic is 200% art!


Is it possible to look both cute and cool at the same time? Well, Taehyun certainly made it happen in his concept clip!


It seems as if this concept was made for Hueningkai. Seriously, although he is Gen Z through and through, the ’90s vibes he is is radiating is just immaculate!


MOAs are seriously one of the luckiest fandoms as TXT consistently give a fresh and unique concept unlike anything else they’ve done before every single comeback. They especially love the ’90s aesthetic of “FIGHT.”

| @txtgenleaders/Twitter
| @choisuits/Twitter

They never fail to impress us with their talent and skills. The fact that they can sing, dance, and skateboard?! What did we do to deserve them?

TXT’s comeback will be on August 17 at 6 p.m. KST. You can look forward to more updates from them according to the calendar below:


You can also watch the concept clips below…