TXT’s Soobin And BTOB’s Minhyuk Finally Met In Person Again, And Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Their Interactions

They are definitely #friendshipgoals!

When it comes to look-alikes in K-Pop, one of the most popular ones has to be BTOB‘s Minhyuk and TXT‘s Soobin. From the minute Soobin debuted, fans quickly saw a resemblance between the two that was uncanny. In November last year, the two finally met during an episode of Music Bank, and fans fell in love.

BTOB’s Minhyuk (Left) & TXT’s Soobin (Right) | @TXT_members/Twitter

BTOB recently had a comeback with their latest track, “Outsider,” and that meant it was time for the group to appear on the various music shows. Fans were over the moon at the idea of seeing the two together again, and it definitely paid off!

As part of Music Bank tradition, MC Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin interviewed the group to celebrate the release of their latest song!

Yet, it was the interaction between Soobin and Minhyuk that stole the hearts of fans. After Soobin introduced the group’s main rapper, Minhyuk replied cutely with, “Yes, hello! This is Minhyuk. First of all, Soobin, I missed you so much.

If that wasn’t cute enough, in the background, Soobin could be heard saying, “Oh! Me too, thank you.

Fans were even treated to adorable selfies of the two, which Soobin posted on the TXT Twitter account. He shared it with the caption, “Hyung~~~ I miss you tooㅎㅎ fighting to the BTOB sunbaenim who always welcomes me warmly.” 

If that wasn’t enough, both MOAs and MELODY saw that Minhyuk quickly replied to the tweet, and he seemed to radiate pure fanboy as he wrote, “Soobin, the universe’s best-looking character from a comic book…he shines brightly and is so kind.

Minhyuk also posted a similar set of photos with the caption, “Sigh.. my life was yet again in danger today…” with an emoji of twins.

After the interactions, fans of both groups took to social media sharing their excitement of seeing two of their favorites together. For many of them, they had been waiting nearly a year to see the two together after several online interactions.

With the two idols as close as ever and continuing to give netizens pure interactions, it seems as if their next time together can’t be soon enough. Fans may even be lucky enough to see it again on the show next week.

You can watch the entire wholesome interaction below.

Source: Minhyuk Twitter and KBS World TV