TXT’s Soobin Breaks Down In Tears As He Shares His Biggest Goal That’s Dedicated To Their Fans

Even Soobin had to remind everyone of the emotional moment.

At TXT‘s comeback showcase for “Sugar Rush Ride”, leader Soobin became emotional during his speech because he’d shared an important goal centered around their beloved fans.


Although artists, especially K-Pop idols, have goals they want to achieve, Soobin instead focused on how he wanted to repay the love fans give them. He declared his personal goal of giving MOAs all the love they deserve. The leader was so touched by fans’ support that he began to cry.

Of course, there’s a goal as artists too. I think my biggest goal is to make MOA happy. Since you made us happy…

— Soobin

Soobin took a moment to calm his emotions so he could speak clearly. He then reassured fans that he wasn’t crying tears of sadness.

Soobin explained that he’d been crying tears of happiness and took another moment to wipe his tears before continuing his speech.

Don’t worry because I’m crying since I’m happy. Since you guys made us happy, I want to make you guys as happy…

— Soobin

Soobin also expressed how grateful he was, “I wanted to thank you, and I hope that we are precious people for each other.

After the emotional moment, the TXT members were right there to comfort their leader, with Soobin even referring to his tearful speech with his pose. In the end, he proved once again that the connection between TXT and MOA is so deep that they’re always thinking about one another.

TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter


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