TXT’s Soobin Took Care Of OH MY GIRL’s Arin Like The Gentleman He Is

He went out of his way to be “sweet” to his co-host.

TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin are quickly becoming everyone’s new favorite MCs!

On July 24, Soobin and Arin appeared together as co-hosts for the first time on Music Bank. Their playful chemistry kept viewers smiling from beginning to end, but one interaction was especially “sweet” in every sense of the word.

After rehearsing their dance routines for the show, the MCs took a snack break in the practice room with ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

| KBS/Youtube.com

When they were deciding on flavors, Arin suggested ordering mint chocolate.

| KBS/Youtube.com

Soobin isn’t a fan of mint chocolate, but he was happy to match Arin’s preferences.

| KBS/Youtube.com
| KBS/Youtube.com

Luckily, she was just kidding, and they decided to go with strawberry ice cream instead.

| KBS/Youtube.com

While practicing their Music Bank intro, the MCs experienced technical difficulties because of Soobin’s microphone/spoon.

He accidentally dripped ice cream on Arin’s pants, panicked…

…then ran off to get napkins for her.

Soobin apologized for the spill, but Arin assured him that it was totally fine!

Check out more of their cute interactions here, or watch the video below: