Here’s What Makes TXT’s Soobin Such A Great Leader, According To MBTI Experts

Soobin’s MBTI trait is ISFP.

TXT Soobin‘s great leadership skills can be explained by his MBTI personality trait!

Kim Jaehyung, a research director from the Korea MBTI Institute, and Jeon Miseon, a senior researcher from the same institute, guested on this week’s episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series.

A netizen brought up TXT’s MBTI personality traits, explaining that all members except for Soobin are extraverts.

Miraculous MBTI of TXT: E, E, E, I, E, E. The ‘I’ type leader who leads four members.

— Netizen comment

Based on Soobin’s MBTI, Kim Jaehyung deduced that he is the type to care deeply for his members: “If Soobin is an ISFP type in the actual test, he’ll embrace all the members here.

Soobin is likely the kind of person to ask his members questions like, “Why did you do that?“, “Was something wrong?“, “Was it hard?“,  and “Ah, then next time shall we do it like this?

According to Kim Jaehyung, Soobin must be a considerate and sympathetic leader whom others can rely on.

Like this, he would behave at a level where he considers and sympathizes with others. The members would melt into ‘ISFP Soobin’s comfort.’

— Kim Jaehyung

Kim Jaehyung also noted that with their extraverted personalities, the other members aren’t the type to fight over the leadership position.

The other four extroverted ‘E’ types wouldn’t actually care who becomes leader. It’s not that they’d ignore the leader, but those types have respect for others, so they could be understanding enough that they have to cooperate with him. They’re actually cooler that way.

— Kim Jaehyung

Watch the full video below to learn more about MBTI personality traits!

Source: AYO