TXT’s Soobin Believed That He Would Never Lose His Phone, But MOAs Have New Evidence Proving That It Is Far From The Truth

Soobin might have some explaining to do!

In K-Pop, there are certain things that idols cannot live without, including products, headphones, and, more importantly, their phones! One group that is definitely not an exception is TXT, and the members have regularly been seen on their phones, whether it is on live broadcasts or to communicate with fans.

TXT regularly host live broadcasts where they use their phones | TXT/ VLIVE

The members recently appeared in a video with MTV UK where they were given different topics and had to pick the member it applied to the most.

In particular, one of the questions asked which member loses their phone the most, which is #relatable. Although Hueningkai thought it was a very easy question, Beomgyu started to worry that there might not actually be a member who loses their phone nowadays.

Yet, although he tried his hardest not to be picked, leader Soobin was chosen by three of the members, with only himself and Taehyun picking Hueningkai… that was until Beomgyu and Yeonjun changed their minds, much to the annoyance of the group’s maknae.

Although it was a tough decision, Beomgyu added that he didn’t pick Soobin in the end because although he loses a lot of things, his phone normally isn’t one of them. Soobin then added that it couldn’t be him and explained why.

My phone is basically my life, so there’s no way I will ever lose it.

— Soobin

The interview may have been released on October 18, but it was recorded some time ago. MOAs quickly took to social media after the video got released to debate whether the members should change their answers to this question.

On October 8, Soobin did a live broadcast for fans. When asked whether he was going to upload some selfies, he replied that he had actually lost his phone!

I lost my iPhone. What do I use to take selfies now? I don’t really want to take it with the original camera because it’s too raw. I have no idea how I lost it.

— Soobin

After the video for MTV was released, fans brought back this moment and couldn’t get over how adamant Soobin was when he said he would never lose his phone!

At the time, Soobin explained that there were thousands of selfies on the phone, and MOAs were upset when the idea of all these photos being lost dawned on them. Luckily, Soobin has a new phone and has recently posted some new selfies after a drought!

Hopefully, Soobin won’t lose this phone any time soon. Yet, he might have some explaining to do about the interview because he might just be on the same level as Hueningkai now!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: MTV UK