Netizens Have Already Discovered TXT Soobin’s Long Lost Twin

Everyone is convinced they’ve got to be brothers at least!

Although Soobin, the second member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), was just introduced to the world, netizens are already giving him lots of love and support while completely digging on his jaw-dropping visuals.

BigHit Entertainment Unveils The Second Member Of New Boy Group TXT


Like Yeongjun, netizens have noticed that Soobin bears a striking resemblance to one of his BTS hyungs.


People are saying that he could be Jungkook‘s long lost brother…


Because he gives off some major golden JK vibes!


Netizens also think that he looks like a combination of BTOB‘s Minhyuk, NCT‘s Jaehyun, and Doyoung‘s outstanding visuals.


While netizens have been comparing him to a whole bunch of other handsome idols, many netizens think that they may have found an idol who matches him so well he might as well be his secret twin!


Everyone thinks he’s twinning with ASTRO‘s Sanha.


It’s not just his visuals that have people convinced he’s really Sanha’s long lost twin though! Soobin is rumored to be part of the ’00 line, the same as Sanha. On top of that, netizens have also heard that Soobin is the same height as Sanha, 6 foot tall!


No wonder everyone is convinced the two are really twins!