Netizens Are Simping Like Crazy For TXT’s Soobin With Blond Hair, And Honestly Same

They’re simping over black-haired Soobin too.

The 2022 The Fact Music Awards was held on October 8, and featured performances by K-Pop artists such as NewJeansIVEPSYATEEZStray KidsBTS, and many others!

TXT was also among the list of performers, where they performed their most recent title track, “Good Boy Gone Bad”.

They were also one of the artists that won the Bonsang (Artist of the Year Award) this year!

Along with putting on an amazing performance, as always, the members of TXT were praised for their gorgeous visuals as well, and it’s easy to see why!

Soobin, in particular, had netizens going wild over his blond hair.

In fact, a whole post made on an online forum revolved around his visuals during the TMAs, simply titled “CHOI SOOBIN IS CRAZY”.

The author wrote in the post, “I was a resolute black-hair stan but… What is this white-blonde hair doing to me..? Anyways, it’s doing something to my heart. Wow crazy…”.

The post also included many pictures showcasing Soobin’s visuals at the event, proving just how incredible he did look with the icy-blond hair.

Being a black-hair stan, though, the author also did include some black-haired pictures of Soobin too! And of course, he also looks incredible in them.

There were plenty of comments on the post that agreed with the author’s feelings, and we certainly don’t disagree either!

  • “ㅇㅁㅇ”
  • “Seriously, he’s straight up an idol so when he has black hair, he’s handsome in an “actor” kind of way”
  • “That’s Soobin?? What the? Give me his location right now”
  • “It’s just his face. His face always wins.”
  • “soobin’s blonde hair suits him so well, he looks really handsome and it gives him a whole new aura. like soobin usually looks like a pure, closer to elegant type of ideal beauty but with the blonde hair he looks more like the corrupted beauty type, it’s interesting how much hair can do for someone…”
  • “Gdi I was trying to log out because I’ve been commenting here too much but you just had to post Soobinnie 😭😭😭 he’s seriously so gorgeous, it also matches with an edit I made a while back so I’m seriously so happy”

Do you prefer Soobin with blond or dark hair? You can’t deny he looks great with any color!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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