TXT’s Soobin And Oh My Girl’s Arin Reveal What Has Changed For Them Since They Became Hosts At “Music Bank”

They shared their experience as hosts at Music Bank for half a year!

TXT’Soobin and Oh My Girl‘s Arin have been the hosts at Music Bank for almost a year, and in an interview, they shared how much they’d changed because of it!

Arin (left) and Soobin (right) | @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

The two idols sat down for an interview for Music Bank‘s half-year special, where they talked about their favorite performances, interviews, and more!

They also talked about their growth in this half-year period, and they shared how MCing helped them gain more confidence in themselves!


Soobin revealed that he was always nervous when it came to performing onstage, but through MCing, he’s managed to become stronger, and is able to find his foothold in every situation!

I used to feel nervous easily. Even though it’s been a few years since my debut, I used to feel anxious before going onstage. My heart would just pound like crazy all the time before going live. But after a half-year as an MC, I haven’t felt nervous at all.

Now I don’t feel anxious, even before an important show. I’m the only member of my group who doesn’t feel anxious. Music Bank has made my heart grow stronger.


Arin, in turn, revealed how, as the maknae of the group, she would more or less hang back during interviews and not talk much, leaving the answering to the other members. But after she became an MC, her members began to trust her to answer questions more, and that helped her to build on her communication skills!

I’m going to go with speaking. Since I’m the maknae of my group, I never really had to speak for long during interviews. But now, the other members knowingly give me the chance to talk.

So I have definitely improved my speaking ability.


Its great to see how the two have benefitted so much from the job of MCing!

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

Watch them talk about it here!

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