TXT’s Soobin Knows Which Members Would Die First If They Were All In “Squid Game”

Soobin had a reason for his answers.

Much like the rest of the world, TXT is crazy for Netflix’s new K-Drama Squid Game and they know which of their members would die first if they were in it themselves.

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In a recent live broadcast with Soobin and Hueningkai, the two discussed the new wildly popular drama, and several of their viewers couldn’t help but talk about it as well.

One question from a viewer asked, “‘Penthouse’ vs Squid Game?‘” And Soobin replied, “Definitely squid game!


Another fan asked, “If the members were in the ‘Squid Game,’ who would’ve died first?” Hueningkai then made the hilarious comment that he would die first because of how terrible he is at the “Red Light, Green Light” game (also known as the “Statue Game”). Hueningkai stated, “First, I’m so bad at playing statues.” Soobin laughed and replied, “You would’ve died in the first game.

Soobin explained that because Hueningkai is such a sweet person, it’s likely that he’ll get betrayed by someone.

I think Huening would get betrayed. He’s too nice, bad guys would come leech off him.

— Soobin

As for Yeonjun, Soobin conveyed that his heart is too weak and soft for such a situation, therefore, Yeonjun would not last long in Squid Game.

Besides Hueningkai and Yeonjun, Soobin also chose Beomgyu as the member who would die first because of his lack of self-control. Instead of keeping calm, Soobin thinks Beomgyu would not be able to hold back.

Beomgyu? I think it’d be Beomgyu. You need have to control when you hold back or attack, but I don’t think Beomgyu knows how to hold back. He’s the type to stubbornly go forth? Beomgyu?

— Soobin

As for who would be able to outlive their members, Soobin admitted it would probably be him and also Taehyun! Soobin explained that it’s not because they necessarily have athletic skills, but because they would “Stubbornly survive.

The person who would survive the longest would be me and Taehyun? I don’t think athletic skills are super essential. I think that if you throw me into that type of place, I would really stubbornly survive.

— Soobin

Source: Naver TV

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