TXT’s Soobin Opens Up About The Pressures Of Being BTS’s Junior Labelmates

Soobin’s honesty and respect for BTS was praised by netizens!

When it comes to K-Pop companies where idols have amazing friendships with each other, HYBE has always been praised for their artists’ interactions with each other. In particular, two groups that have always had the sweetest relationship are the members BTS and their junior group TXT.

Members of BTS and TXT | @bts_twt/Twitter

BTS was HYBE’s first group that debuted all the way back in 2013, and, aside from Lee Hyun, they were the only idol group in the company until TXT debuted in 2018.

Since then, the groups have had some of the most iconic and adorable interactions ever. Whether it’s the members of BTS showing support to TXT and giving them advice…

Dancing together on the stage…

And even praising the TXT members for their BTS covers at award shows.


Recently, TXT’s leader Soobin surprised fans when he appeared in a video with Kim Jong Kook. During the video, the idol surprised KJK’s niece, who is a huge TXT fan, and there was so much wholesome content with the idol.

During the video, Kim Jong Kook joked that because of the huge amount of subscribers he has, it was the perfect chance for Soobin to promote TXT to a wider audience. In particular, Soobin was asked what his long-term goal for the group is.

As expected, Soobin was very honest and shared the fact that being the second boy group at HYBE after BTS was both inspiring and created some sort of pressure.

We’re the second boy band after BTS at our company. They’re like an invincible model…

— Soobin

Yet, even though many idols might find the pressure too much, Soobin showcased his true personality by acknowledging the hardships but also praising his seniors for everything they’ve done.

So, we feel pressured and at the same time, we want to follow in their footsteps.

— Soobin

When Kim Jong Kook’s niece shyly shared that she thought TXT could be as big as BTS, Soobin then went very shy as he thanked her for the support she’s given to the group.

When the video was released, fans couldn’t stop praising Soobin for his answer to Kim Jong Kook’s questions. For them, Soobin always uses every opportunity to praise BTS and share his respect and gratitude towards the members.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Soobin has been praised for his respect toward BTS. During live broadcasts, Soobin has always been vocal about his love for BTS, including sharing how handsome he thinks oldest member Jin is and praising Jungkook’s voice.

TXT has a bright future ahead of them and has already got a huge fanbase worldwide. Aside from their talent and visuals, one of those reasons is the members’ personalities which continue not only to be charming but humble and appreciative of what they have and those around them.

You can watch the full video below.