TXT’s Soobin Proves He’s “Anti-Romantic” When Answering A Fan Question About Marriage

A lot of people can probably relate, though 😂

TXT‘s members have been having virtual fansigns with lucky fans for their ongoing promotions for their latest hit, “Good Boy Gone Bad”.

These virtual meetings are a great opportunity for fans to ask the members questions that have been weighing on their minds, and to get an answer directly from the idol.

During a recent fansign between Soobin and a MOA, the fan brought up the topic of his ideal type when it comes to getting married.

Rather than give a detailed or vague answer about his ideal type, or shrugging off the question entirely, Soobin got honest with the fan about what he sees in his future in regard to marriage.

A lot of the comments on the Twitter post were actually fans relating to how he feels, so he’s definitely not alone 😂

In fact, the comment section was so filled with these kinds of comments that some people were praising him for being honest with his feelings on marriage.

And then there are some comments that are just like this 😂

So if you’re in the same boat as Soobin and have felt judged for it, you’re definitely not alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed of!