TXT’s Soobin’s Reaction To His “Brown-Haired Chubby Bin Era” Is Just Too Precious

He even gives a new name for his current “era” 😂

TXT‘s Soobin debuted when he was just 18, and though he has always been handsome, his visuals back then were more on the cute and squishy side!

He quickly became known for his “bread cheeks” due to how squishable they looked.

And honestly, while he has gotten even more handsome and mature over the last couple of years, his adorable, squishy-looking cheeks still make an appearance from time to time!

When he wants to, though, he can definitely pull off darker, more intense visuals, and has looked especially so during TXT’s “Good Boy Gone Bad” era!

| @TXT_members/Twitter

In a recent post on the app Weverse, a fan shared older pictures of Soobin where his cheeks look particularly soft and pokable. They even dubbed it his “brown-haired chubby bin” era, which is a fitting title!

Fan: “You’re really handsome right now ㅜㅜ  But I can never forget brown-haired chubby bin… You were so cute back then.”

Soobin saw the post and seemed really amused with it, taking the time to reply with a possible name for his current “era”.

Soobin: “Hahahaha the fact that you named that era is so funny hahaha brown-haired chubby bin.”

Soobin: “So what am I now? Black-haired lean bin?”

Unsurprisingly, the fan comments for this post are as adorable as the post itself!

MOAs seem to love both “brown-haired chubby bin” and “black-haired lean bin” equally, and we can’t blame them!