TXT’s Soobin Reveals He Thought He Wasn’t Charming—Here’s What Helped Change His Mind

He so hard on himself.

Without a doubt, TXT is certainly a group with amazingly talented and charming members. Though they endlessly surprise the world with their never-ending appeal, the group’s leader Soobin once felt he had no charm at all.

In their interview with Vogue Korea, Soobin was asked what his strengths and weaknesses are. Soobin didn’t hold back and answered with honesty.

Q: As you work, you get to know more about your own strengths and weaknesses. Is there something you discovered this way?

This was a concern that I dumped on Yeonjun hyung. I thought I really wasn’t charming at all so I had a lot of worries like ‘Are there elements of me that people will like?’ ‘Can someone like me even debut?’ But following the debut, a lot of people liked me so my confidence went up a lot.

— Soobin

Soobin continued and shared how it’s all thanks to MOAs that he started to accept his insecurities.

I wasn’t going to talk about my physical appearance (laughs). Should I say I think my nose looks blurry/fuzzy? But my fans still like it. I am very thankful for them changing a complex of mine into a strength.

— Soobin


He kept with his openness and even revealed some aspects he considered “embarrassing.”

Also, this is a little bit embarrassing to say with my own mouth, but I thought I was a mentally strong and mature person, but since debuting I’ve come to realize that I was young and immature.

— Soobin


Beomgyu (back) and Soobin (front) | Vogue Korea

MOAs are proud to hear Soobin has gained confidence because of their love and will continue to support TXT and all their endeavors!

Source: Vogue Korea