TXT’s Soobin Reveals Himself To Be A Fan Of STAYC—Here’s What He Loves About Them

Who else is a fan of STAYC?

TXT‘s Soobin time as an MC on Music Bank alongside Oh My Girl’s Arin may have come to an end, however, many amazing things came out of it! For one, Soobin had the chance to meet several other talented artists!

As an MC on the Music Bank, Soobin and Arin were able to meet and interview several idols. While it seems hard to pick a favorite, Soobin revealed that he really enjoyed interviewing one rookie group! During a recent live broadcast, a viewer asked Soobin, “Who did you enjoy interviewing?” Soobin replied that he enjoyed interviewing Super Junior, Jessi, and STAYC! As a rookie group, Soobin shared that he loved their passion!

I like Super Junior sunbaenim and Jessi sunbaenim because they show a lot of love to me. STAYC hoobaenim. STAYC is very sociable! They have the type of passion of a rookie.

— Soobin

Soobin further explained how he admires how kind the members of STAYC are. Soobin stated that STAYC members are super energetic rookies as opposed to when he was a rookie and was shyer.

Actually, I was kind of shy when I first debuted and I’d say in a small voice ‘Hello’ but STAYC would be like ‘Hi we’re STAYC!’

— Soobin

STAYC’s great energy not only makes it enjoyable for Soobin to interview, but it also inspires him. Overall, Soobin is happy to see all the things they are accomplishing and is cheering them on!

So that’s why when I see them, I feel inspired and I feel great and it makes me really hope it goes well for them and root for them…they’re so sociable, so kind, polite, and very full of energy and hardworking.

— Soobin

Soobin even proved he’s a fan of STAYC’s music by listening to their song “Stereotype” and  “Asap.” He even danced along!

Source: Naver TV