TXT Soobin Reveals How Much Hate Comments Got Into His Head

He just couldn’t brush those hateful comments off.

When TXT‘s Yeonjun shared what he admired most about Soobin, he immediately pointed out his optimism.

Though their leader has said iconic phrases like “I have zero intention of begging [for] love [from] those who hate me” to overcome haters, Soobin recently admitted that it used to take a toll on him through his Weverse Magazine interview.

Interviewer Lim Hyun Kyung asked Soobin if he often checked out what fans are saying, “Do you tend to look up fan reactions a lot?

Around the time of their debut, Soobin couldn’t stop himself from doing so. He even earned a new name for all his trouble, “I did it so much that I was nicknamed the Search King when we were debuting.” He soon put an end to his searching, though.

Like a double-edged sword, seeing fans’ positivity came with a drawback. The more Soobin sought out MOAs’ comments, the more he saw hate comments. “But I kept running into more and more hurtful comments.

There were enough comments that Soobin couldn’t brush them off.

The negative words that he’d seen had invaded his thoughts and changed how he carried himself. “Sometimes I would be in the middle of talking and I would think, ‘Wait, someone said that they didn’t like it when I said this’ and such.

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Since Soobin couldn’t put those hateful comments behind him, he did what many people would do. He avoided seeing them by cutting down on his searching. “So I decided to search my name less, thinking, if I can’t ignore the comments, it’s best not to look at them in the first place.

Thanks to Weverse, Soobin can easily find what fans are saying without seeing negative comments from those who wish the group ill: “Now, I tend to just go on Weverse when I wonder about how MOA thinks.

Source: Weverse Magazine