TXT’s Soobin Saved The Day When Jessi Forgot Her Lines On KBS Music Bank

What a gentleman!

During the KBS Music Bank 2021 Half-Year Special, TXT‘s Soobin and Oh My Girl‘s Arin had their fourth interview with rapping icon Jessi.

Soobin, Jessie, and Arin | KBS World TV/YouTube

Throughout the entire segment the three idols showed off their amazing chemistry, with smiles all around. But then, as the interview came to a close, Jessi had a bit of a slip up during her closing statement.

| KBS World TV/YouTube

As Arin began to read out one of her own lines from a cue card, Jessi realized that she wasn’t quite sure what she was supposed to say next! Jessi attempted to look over Arin’s shoulder to try and see the script, but the positioning made it a bit difficult.

| KBS World TV/YouTube

Luckily, Soobin happened to notice and came to her rescue only seconds later. When it came to Jessi’s turn, she took a quick glance at Soobin who immediately held up his own cue card for her to look at.

| KBS World TV/YouTube

Fans can’t get over how wholesome the whole interview was, and took to Twitter to express their love for the trio!

What’s your favorite Soobin/Arin/Jessie interaction?

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