TXT’s Soobin Shows Off New Photos Of His Hedgehog Odi Like The Loving Dad He Is

Soobin for Father of the Year!

In a recent livestream, TOMORROW X TOGETHER‘s Soobin shared some adorable photos and videos of his pet hedgehog Odi!

Soobin posted this video of Odi. | @TXT_members/Twitter 

Soobin adopted Odi on April 2, though fans didn’t get to see the hedgehog until Soobin tweeted photos of the pet in June.

Fans can’t get enough of the Odi content, and luckily Soobin has been providing tons of it!

Soobin told MOA about how when Soobin bathed Odi, the hedgehog became super angry afterwards and started scratching his pouch.

Soobin showing a video of Odi angry in his pouch.

But Soobin said Odi was so cute when taking the bath, and showed some photos!

Odi taking a bath.

MOAs noticed that Soobin’s camera roll is full of the little hedgehog!

Soobin even showed fans Odi’s spacious living situation, including a wheel for the hedgehog to run on and multiple pouches to hide inside.

Odi’s room inside Soobin’s room.

Though Soobin is Odi’s official father, the other members of TXT have shown their love for the hedgehog too!

From left to right: Beomgyu, Soobin, Yeonjun, Taehyun, Hueningkai.

While appearing on Day6‘s Kiss The RadioBeomgyu introduced Odi as Soobin’s hedgehog son who isn’t even one year old yet.

Young K (right) interviewed Beomgyu (left) on Kiss The Radio. 

He said Odi is so cute so he visits him often, and that even though Beomgyu hates bugs, he feeds Odi his mealworms!

Taehyun even helped name Odi! He thought the hedgehog resembled a mulberry, which is odi in Korean, and so Soobin went with that name.

Odi is obviously well loved and fans can’t wait to see more of the adorable pet!


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