TXT’s Soobin Spoiled “Squid Game” For Beomgyu And Things Got Hilariously Chaotic

Don’t worry! This article is spoiler-free!

TXT‘s Beomgyu recently held a live broadcast and once Soobin entered the room, things got hilariously chaotic!

Before Soobin entered the room, many of the viewers were commenting about the new widely popular K-Drama Squid Game. Beomgyu even commented, “There are so many comments about Squid Game. I guess everyone is watching it right now.” In addition to the comments, many MOAs also asked Beomgyu himself if he had watched the new drama yet. Beomgyu read several of the comments and revealed that he has watched the drama, but isn’t caught up with all the episodes yet.

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Some time passed and Beomgyu went on to other fun topics, It wasn’t until Soobin entered the room, the two got back to talking about Squid Game again.

Soobin asked Beomgyu, “Did you watch Squid Game?” Before Beomgyu replied, Soobin commented, “I watched up until episode 6!” It was then that Soobin revealed a spoiler to Beomgyu. Beomgyu, understandably, went into panic mode and screamed, “Why would you say that?!” Beomgyu even playfully it Soobin in frustration.

Soobin hilariously continued and shared, “It made my heart hurt so much. Like my heart was really hurting!” In response, Beomgyu shouted while covering his ears, “I can’t hear anything you’re saying!

Soobin informed Beomgyu that he should quickly catch up to the new episode and Beomgyu continued to adorably freak out.

After Beomgyu calmed down, Soobin shared that he was actually behind in the drama compared to the rest of his members so he tried to catch up to where they were. Soobin then admitted he had no self-control and couldn’t help but watch further than the rest of his members.

Check out the clip below:

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