TikTok’s Translation Mishap For TXT’s Soobin Has The Jokes Rolling In

Go home TikTok. You’re drunk 😆

To get into the holiday spirit for Valentine’s Day, TXT has teamed up with TikTok to prepare various special surprises for fans. In one of the first clips released for the collaboration, a translation typo took Soobin‘s sweet message in a hilarious direction.

The clip began with Soobin adorably remembering something he’d forgotten. He gently asked, “Oh, you know what?

As Soobin smiled, he complimented the viewer on their smile being just as sweet. At least, that’s what they meant to say. Instead, the translation read, “You look really nice because of your slime.

Although the word smile was used in the next part, “Always smile and have a good day,” fans were already having a field day with the funny mix-up.

With thousands of fans agreeing with them, one MOA made everyone laugh by joking that the staff member responsible would be spending their last day at the company.

Other fans were quick to joke about the mix-up as well, thanking Soobin for appreciating their slime and listing the ingredients it took to make such glorious slime.

Even though Soobin has many funny mishaps of his own, it looks like they find him as well.

Check out the typo that brought laughter to many MOAs here.