TXT’s Soobin Couldn’t Fool Anyone With His Wig

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the new hair color he was hiding.

When it comes to wearing a wig to keep their new hair colors hidden, TXT aren’t afraid to switch up their look for something much simpler. In fact, Soobin recently caused laughter by trying and failing to hide he was wearing one.

Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

During a recent live broadcast where Soobin and Taehyun chatted with fans, the former caught fans’ attention for how often he kept adjusting his hat and soon did something that made everyone giggle.

As if he wasn’t on camera, Soobin pulled on his wig so much that he knew he’d made a hilarious mistake.

He jumped and immediately covered his mouth in shock, realizing that everyone now knew he was indeed wearing a wig. Even Taehyun was amused by Soobin’s reaction.

Although Taehyun offered a helping hand to fix it, Soobin went off-camera to make sure his hat and wig were adjusted properly.

Though Soobin got everything back into place and continued the live broadcast without any more major issues, he couldn’t hide his new hair color from fans.

During one of the times that Soobin was playing around with his hair, MOAs were able to catch glimpses of his real hair underneath, which appeared to be an extremely pale blond.

Not only did Soobin do his best to keep his hair color under wraps, but he also made fans’ day with his hilarious reactions. Are you excited to see what hair colors TXT will be trying out next?

Source: Naver Live