TXT Offer Advice On Motivation And Handling Setbacks To “I-LAND” Trainees

Whether or not they made it into the final lineup, they had advice for them all.

For the final airing of the survival show I-LAND, viewers and trainees were in for a treat with the appearance of both BTS and TXT.

While the former gifted the trainees with valuable advice on how to act humbly as idols, TXT were able to offer their own take as rookies to those who passed into the final lineup and those who weren’t yet ready.

| @TXT_bighit/Twitter

From the moment TXT greeted the trainees, Soobin tapped into his leader role. Being his relatable self, he broke the ice by expressing his worry, “I’m so nervous for them.

He then congratulated them on making it thus far and reminded them to give it their all despite their nerves. “Good job, everyone. I hope you can do your best without getting nervous. Fighting!” The rest of the members stood by his words, loudly cheering them on.

Toward the end of the finale, Yeonjun congratulated those who succeeded in entering the final lineup of ENHYPEN.

He also gave a special shout out to those who he was friendly with, like Lee Heeseung. “You were great today. I know how hard you tried to come this far. I know some of you personally, so congratulations.

Since some didn’t make the cut, Yeonjun had some advice for them. Rather than viewing it negatively, it was wise to use the experience as motivation to continue pursuing their dreams. “And, to the other colleagues too, take this as your stepping stone and grow as artists. Well done. Congratulations, ENHYPEN.

No matter what the outcome was, all of the trainees needed to be reminded of performing without regrets and turning a setback into encouragement. Check out TXT’s brief but meaningful advice to them in the clips below.