TXT’s Taehyun Gushes Over How Thoughtful BTS’s Jungkook Was During A Recent Workout Session They Had

Jungkook is a total sweetheart!

BTS‘s Jungkook is not only a multi-talented king but also a sweet hyung to TXT hoobaes! TXT’s Taehyun recently proved when he shared a recent encounter he had with Jungkook!

In a recent live broadcast, Taehyun sat down to chat with some lovely MOAs! Later into the broadcast, Taehyun shared a recent workout session with his hyung, Jungkook.

I recently worked out with Jungkook hyung, but we were doing our own workout. We finished around the same time, and we took the elevator together to go to the parking lot. I didn’t have a  back glove so I asked him, ‘Hyung, do you by chance have a spare glove?’ and he said he’d leave it there for me tomorrow.

— Taehyun

Taehyun continued and revealed that the next day he entered the gym and was truly touched by what he found.

The next day, he got me 3 gloves and wrote ‘Jungkook’ on a post-it and left it there, it was so sweet.

— Taehyun

Of course, Taehyun was touched by his hyung‘s thoughtfulness and thanked Jungkook for the gift the next time he saw him.

He remembered on the very next day and put it there for me. So I’ve been working out hard. We met again after that, I told him that I’m using the gloves well and thanked him.

— Taehyun

Jungkook’s sweet action doesn’t come as a surprise as he is always the perfect gentleman to everyone he interacts with. Since Taehyun’s live broadcast, MOAs and ARMYs have taken to Twitter to gush over this cute moment and we hope to see or hear more in the future!

Check out the clip below: