TXT’s Taehyun Dishes On His Adorable Friendship With BTS’s J-Hope

This is what he talks about with J-Hope.

TXT guest appeared on TMI NEWS, where they were asked about their relationship with BTS. When asked if they ever practice with BTS, Yeonjun explained that sometimes BTS will come into the rooms while they’re practicing and ask to join.

Considering how they run into BTS quite frequently, the host asked if anyone had a special friendship with the members. Taehyun jumped on the occasion to proudly boast his adorable friendship with J-Hope!

Taehyun (with literal love gushing from his eyes) confessed that J-Hope and he frequently discuss their careers as artists.

I contact J-Hope frequently. We talk about productive questions regarding our career as artists.

— Taehyun

When asked how often they contact each other, Taehyun revealed they chatted just the other day! Jun Hyun Moo was completely jealous as he titled Taehyun a “best friend” to J-Hope!

But look at this ball of adorable baby fuzz! Who wouldn’t take Taehyun under their wing when he’s this passionate and cute?!

Long live this friendship between Kings!

Source: Newsen