The Inspiring Reason Why BTS’s Jimin Was TXT’s Taehyun Inspiration For Their Recent Comeback

Jimin is the idol of idols!

When it comes to the friendship and admiration between groups under the same company, one that has always caught the attention of fans is between HYBE‘s BTS and TXT. Throughout the years, netizens have been treated to some adorable interactions between the groups.

Members of BTS and TXT | @bts_twt/Twitter

Yet, although their bond is strong, the members of TXT continue to show their respect for BTS as the sunbaenim. Recently, one member has showcased their love and respect for a member of BTS and their skills, and it’s none other than one of the youngest members, Taehyun.

When it comes to performing and his talent, Taehyun has constantly shown netizens how spectacular he is on the stage.

Well, it seems as if the inspiration and motivation when dancing in their new album came from a member of BTS, and it’s none other than BTS’s Jimin.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

Since debuting, Jimin has constantly wowed netizens with his flawless dancing that is so diverse and showcases his years of dedication to learning the trade.

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, Taehyun discussed the group’s latest album Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. In particular, they spoke about the track “Opening Sequence” and the moment where Taehyun has to dance along.

Although Taehyun revealed that it was a lot of pressure on him, he explained that it was at this moment that he was reminded of Jimin and had him in his thoughts.

It was a lot of pressure. I realized all eyes are on me and me alone so I had to knock this part out of the park, and I was suddenly reminded of Jimin from BTS.

By thinking of Jimin and his ability as a dancer and performer, Taehyun believed he was able to channel his own confidence and execute the part.

Of all the performers I know, I think he’s the pinnacle when it comes to that classical style of dance. What would Jimin do? If he had to do this choreography, how would he move his head around for this part? I practiced by painting a picture of that in my head.

It isn’t surprising that Jimin has been a source of inspiration for Taehyun as his expertise and talent have been praised by so many idols over the years. It seems as if Jimin also has a love for Taehyun.

Back in 2021 at Gayo Daechukje,  Jimin didn’t waste any time seeking out the person he wanted to see most. He passed everyone just to get to Taehyun, immediately going in for a hug. That wasn’t the only thing he wanted from his dongsaeng as he handed him the microphone.

Since debuting, Jimin has been a source of inspiration for many upcoming idols. Considering their history with TXT, it isn’t surprising that Taehyun is one of them. Hopefully, netizens won’t have to wait long for more interactions between the two groups.

You can read more about Jimin and Taehyun interacting below.

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Source: Weverse
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