TXT’s Taehyun Calls Out “Fans” For Their Inappropriate Behavior Which Made The Group Feel Uncomfortable

The TXT member was praised for being so polite despite the severity!

When it comes to the relationship between fans and idols, social media and events have made it easier to interact and feel closer to each other. Yet, it has seemingly become more common that some netizens have taken advantage of those privileges and overstepped the boundaries.

TXT‘s Taehyun recently called “fans” out after a negative experience on their way back to Korea.

TXT is always a group that showcases their love for fans in many ways, whether it’s interacting on social media, at events, and much more.

TXT recently returned from their trip to Osaka, Japan, after performing in front of Japanese MOAs. As expected, the members all looked flawless when returning to Incheon Airport and greeted the fans and media waiting for them.

When they returned, member Taehyun jumped on Weverse to chat to fans, and one asked whether it was tiring for the members on the journey home.

Although Taehyun cutely replied, “Nope,” it was the rest of the message that really caught the attention of fans. In the reply, Taehyun explained that the group had actually had a negative experience, describing how people were making them feel uncomfortable.

They kept turning back (to see us) from the front and taking pictures of us while we were sleeping. [They were also] pretending to take selfies of themselves when actually taking pictures of us so we arrived very uncomfortably.

— Taehyun

Yet, being the polite person he is, Taehyun then went on to share that the group is happy to interact with people and even explained the proper etiquette. The way he wished for people not to do it again was done in such a mature and polite manner.

If you come to our fansigns, we’ll treat you well, just as we always have. So, if you’re reading this, I hope you won’t do this kind of thing again in the future!

— Taehyun

As soon as the message was sent, a lot of MOAs shared their anger that the members of TXT had their privacy invaded by “fans.” They also explained how they thought Taehyun was being too polite, considering the seriousness of what happened.

Although idols always do their best for fans, it has become more common to see “fans” show poor behavior towards artists. Yet, idols are more willing to call them out, whether it is sasaengs calling during live broadcasts and much more.

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It seems as if idols are more willing to call out fans for their inappropriate behavior, and they’re being praised for it. Idols always do their best for fans and interact with them whenever possible, but they should be allowed privacy, especially when traveling.

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