TXT Taehyun’s Interaction With A Fan Proved Just How Important He Considers All Of His Conversations With MOAs

It may have been a simple question, but not to Taehyun!

Perhaps it’s TXT Taehyun‘s fantastic way of looking every type of hair look so damn good, but one fan decided to turn to him about a question for hair styles.

And that one question led to a series of events that ultimately proved just how important each and every conversation with his MOAs was to him!

It appears the fan was split between the next type of hairstyle to get. She asked Taehyun to choose between a medium-length hairstyle or a short-length hairstyle.

And within minutes, Taehyun replied. But he needed more information before making a decision! He asked, “Is your hair long right now?

When the fan didn’t answer back, Taehyun decided to wait. He left messages so the fan could get a notification as he declared, “I’m going to try refreshing 3 more times before I have to go.

When the fan couldn’t answer back, he left a message that he’ll return. He wrote, “Next time..

But the fan finally responded! When she explained that she has long hair right now, Taehyun announced his final decision – “Short-length leggo“!

The fan updated that she’ll head out immediately to get her long hair chopped short!

Although this adorable interaction proved fruitful for the fan as she was finally able to make a decision on her next hair style, other MOAs were amazed by how caring Taehyun was to wait and be patient for every conversation he has with his fans!

It’s been proven – Taehyun is all ears for his MOAs!