TXT’s Taehyun Isn’t About To Let Fans Flirt Their Way Out Of Getting Vaccinated

Don’t even try!

TXT isn’t shy about speaking their minds, especially if means keeping MOA safe!

Taehyun | @TXT_members/Twitter

Like many idols, TXT’s members are encouraging fans to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others against COVID-19. Taehyun, who has now been vaccinated, is reacting out to fans directly.

On Weverse, he encouraged fans to be brave and face their fears. Some MOA are afraid of being in pain from the jab, but for Taehyun, pain isn’t a good enough reason to opt-out.

He’s taking the pandemic very seriously. When one fan tried to flirt their way out of vaccination, Taehyun put a stop to that nonsense. “Taehyun will protect me”? Technically, he will, but only by helping MOA protect themselves!

TXT’s labelmates, BTS, have also shown support for the vaccines. Read more about it here:

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