TXT’s Taehyun Gives Inspirational Advice To Fans Who Are Worried About Their Future

Everyone needs to hear his advice.

TXT fans took to Weverse to ask Taehyun for some advice about their future. One fan wrote that they were worried about the career path that they had chosen and wonder how they can overcome their period of self-doubt.

Taehyun, how do you pull yourself up when you feel uncertain that the path that you’re on is the right path?

I’m studying to be a character designer. I recently worked hard for months on a project but my professor saw it and told me to trash it and start something new. I felt restless all day yesterday, and I wondered, ‘Am I not talented enough for this industry?’

How do you recover when you fall into a dilemma about something you’ve been doing well before?

— TXT Fan


Taehyun gave the most inspirational advice in support of the fan. He basically told them to trust in themselves and continue to work hard until the end!

I thought of it as an experience I needed to face in order to become more certain. I think I trusted myself and kept going.

— Taehyun


After reading his response, the fan replied with a message of gratitude. Although they may be older than Taehyun, they revealed that they had so much to learn from wise Taehyun!

Thanks, Taehyun!!!

It’s been hard and tiring these days, and I felt frustrated but your words gave me strength. Although you’re younger than me, I think I have so much to learn from you. I’ll always cheer you on

— TXT Fan


Another fan asked Taehyun for advice about school entrance exams. They were worried that they wouldn’t get marks.

Taehyun, I’m the same age as you so I have to worry about entrance exams for next year. I have no idea what to do, and I’m scared that I won’t be able to passㅠㅜ I’m studying arts and physical education, so everything will pass if I just work hard until February, right?

It’s really difficult even now but I always find strength by looking at you. Thanks, Taehyun

— TXT Fan 2


But Taehyun became the greatest source of strength by leaving the most heartwarming message. He asked them to work hard and come meet TXT afterwards so they can celebrate together with a smile!

Good luck❣️Come meet us later after getting good results and a smile on your face

— Taehyun


Although Taehyun may be 17 years old, he has the wisdom and warmth of any renown mentor!