TXT’s Taehyun Reveals Hueningkai’s “Fascinating Body” Could Break A World Record

Fans may not know this about Hueningkai’s body.

TXT recently met up with Teen Vogue for a fun interview in which they answered some random questions about themselves and each other.

TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

These questions covered favorite school subjects, favorite slang words, and many “who is most likely to” questions. Of all, TXT fans thoroughly liked the one Taehyun received: “Who is most likely to break a world record?

Taehyun revealed Hueningkai would be the member “most likely to break a world record.” According to Taehyun, “Hueningkai can be the new Ice Man.” Sounds strange, but don’t worry; Taehyun clarified what he meant by “Ice Man“.

Taehyun explained that Hueningkai has a unique talent…

He is someone who can withstand cold temperatures. I think he can break the World Record for withstanding the cold.

— Taehyun

… of being able to endure cold temperatures better than most people!

Even if we’re shooting in winter, regardless of the clothes he’s wearing, I’ve never seen him put on another a coat or use hand warmers. He says he’s okay without it. He has a fascinating body.

— Taehyun

Ah, fascinating indeed. Could this be the beginning of a new superhero franchise? Stay tuned for Hueningkai the Ice Man, a saga.

Check out the full video below: