TXT’s Taehyun Hilariously Becomes “Jealous” Of ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki In Latest Weverse Post

Taehyun was shook by MOAs’ knowledge of ENHYPEN!

The friendship between HYBE artists seems to be stronger than ever. During the past few months and years, netizens have been treated to so many wholesome interactions. Two groups that netizens have always loved seeing together are TXT and ENHYPEN.

The members of TXT and ENHYPEN | HYBE

Since ENHYPEN debuted, the two groups have always had the funniest and sweetest interactions. Considering their similarity in age, the content has always made netizens LOL but also shook when they performed together.


However, as much as TXT and ENHYPEN are good friends, it doesn’t mean that they don’t get jealous of each other once in a while, especially when it comes to their fans.

Recently, TXT’s Taehyun went onto Weverse to chat to fans about everything from eating at HYBE, the gym, and much more.

TXT’s Taehyun | @TXT_Members/Twitter

In particular, as one of the youngest members of TXT and having experience debuting at a young age, one fan had a question about the age of idols. The MOA asked, “Taehyun oppa, is it possible for a 15-year-old like me to become an idol at HYBE?

| Weverse

Although Taehyun didn’t have a direct answer, he seemed to think it wasn’t too bad as he tried to remember the age of ENHYPEN’s youngest member Ni-Ki.

Don’t we already have one (at HYBE)? Someone of the similar age. How old is Ni-Ki again?

— Taehyun

| Weverse

Of course, Ni-Ki is known as one of the youngest in HYBE as he is only 16 years old and was born in 2005. Yet, despite his age, the idol has always wowed with his on-stage presence, which was only made more impressive considering how young he is.


Well, it seems like MOAs knew exactly the age of Ni-Ki, but it didn’t seem to sit right with Taehyun, who jokingly responded again, “I caught you guys red-handed. Why do you know (how old he is)?”

| Weverse

When the post was shared on social media, netizens couldn’t stop laughing at Taehyun’s reaction to MOAs knowing all about ENHYPEN and the fact he called them out for it.

Of course, although Taehyun was joking, it’s become more normal for idols to joke about fans “cheating” on them if they’re fans of other groups, including the likes of aespa‘s Karina, ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong and GOT7‘s BamBam. It shows how close idols are to their fans and makes them laugh.

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