TXT Taehyun Reveals How SHINee’s “Replay” Helped Inspire His Dreams Of Becoming A K-Pop Idol

“I thought that they were really…”

With his amazing talent and charm, it seems as though TXT’s Taehyun was destined to be an idol, but what inspired him to pursue his dreams? In his interview with Paper Magazine, Taehyun reveals what motivated him to become an idol!

In his interview, Taehyun mentioned he realized his dreams of becoming a singer at a young age. Sitting down and watching music shows with his older sister, Taehyun started to see the charming points of being an idol.

Taehyun even mentioned a specific artist and song that made him acknowledge just how impressive idols are.

The first time I saw SHINee’s music video [for ‘Replay’] and watched their performance, I thought that they were really incredible.

— Taehyun

After fulfilling his goal of becoming an idol, Taehyun even got the chance to meet SHINee’s Taemin and he shared it was a rare moment where he became flustered by someone for the first time.


It was the artists around him and his burning passion that allowed him to work hard and achieve his dream career.

It’s really just my passion that has allowed me to become who I am now and develop as a singer. I had to really work hard at it.

— Taehyun

Source: Paper Magazine