TXT’s Taehyun Misses His Cat So Much That His Dad Sends Him Pictures

After almost two years, Taehyun posted another picture of his cat!

It’s hard being away from your loved ones, especially your pets. TXT‘s Taehyun especially expresses how much he misses his cat Hobak (Pumpkin) while he’s away from home.

Childhood photo of Taehyun with his cat, Hobak |

Thankfully, he has a loving dad that takes photos of Hobak for him. In 2019, Taehyun shared some of the photos with MOAs on Weverse.

First, he posted a photo of Hobak sleeping. He said, “Dad must’ve seen my V app because he sent me an update of Hobak.”


Later, he posted another update with an even better picture!


I told my dad to take better photos, so I received another photo of an angel.

— Taehyun


It’s been almost two years since we last saw Hobak. Today, Taehyun finally shared an update on his cat with MOAs via Weverse. He posted a photo of Hobak resting and captioned, “He says he’s doing well.”


Thanks to Taehyun’s dad for taking good care of Hobak and continuing to update him on his condition. We hope that the family can reunite soon!

Source: TXT_TAEHYUN and Image (1) and (2)