Here’s Why TXT’s Taehyun Never Wrote A Single Song During His Trainee Days

He revealed why!

TXT‘s Taehyun currently has lots of songwriting credits to his name, and given how amazing his skills as a writer are, he surprisingly revealed that prior to debuting, he had no experience whatsoever with songwriting!

Taehyun | Paper Magazine

The members of TXT recently sat down with Paper magazine for individual interviews, and in his interview, Taehyun talked about his passion for music, as well as songwriting!

In the interview, he revealed that he’s always loved performing, and that although songwriting is something he loves now, he could never do it during his trainee days! Back then, the focus was more on perfecting their singing, choreography, and overall performance skills, and the members of TXT are only now getting to try their hand at writing!

It’s a fun challenge. Songwriting is something that I really wanted to do when I was a trainee. But at that time it was more important to focus on the singing and the choreography and the performance.

But now all of us — myself, the other members, and the label — agree that we want to make songs that have more of ourselves and our opinions and our input in them. That’s something that I love and want to do well.


And he’s truly shown that he’s a natural at it! He has songwriting credits on songs such as “Balance Game” and “No Rules”, among others!

| Paper Magazine

TXT recently came back with their first repackaged album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze, with the title track “LO$ER=LO♡ER”.

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Source: Paper Magazine