TXT’s Taehyun Reveals Painful Moments Of His Trainee Days And After Debut

The road to success isn’t easy!

The talented TXT recently participated in an eye-catching pictorial and intriguing interview with Vogue Korea. Each member had an individual interview and in member Taehyun’s portion, he discussed the growing pains he experienced during his trainee days and even after debuting.

TXT has proven time and time again that they are a group like no other! With amazing talent, wild popularity, and great success, Taehyun reveals that achieving all of that was not easy. In fact, he revealed in his interview that he had several growing pains along the way.

Q:  What was your growth pain?

I think I have always had some type of pain in growing. If you want to grow, the pain of growing comes with it. I had it when I was a trainee, and even after we debuted too.

— Taehyun

Taehyun went into further detail about the parts of his trainee days and debut that made him feel the pain of growth.

I believe I feel the pain of growing when I couldn’t see whether my singing or dancing abilities were improving or not. I tried to draw out the process through a graph, but I find that the graph for growth is not a slope shape, but instead, resembles the shape of stairs. There’s a flat line before you are able to jump from one step of the stairs to the next. I think that when I don’t see my skills improving, I am at that moment and that moment is what ‘growth pains’ are to me.

— Taehyun

TXT has certainly gone through a lot of hard work to be where they are now. Since TXT’s songs often share the story of teenagers, the interviewer asked Taehyung what memories he remembers from his younger years.

Q: TOMORROW X TOGETHER represented teenage stories. Now that all the members have passed through their teens, what kind of scene comes to your mind when you think about your teens?

As time passes, there are things you regret and think, ‘it would have been better if I did things like this.’ But, when I reflect back to that time, I believe I did my best and I don’t have regrets about it.

— Taehyun

Yeonjun (front), Taehyun (middle), and Hueningkai (back) | Vogue Korea

Taehyun then reflected back to his time he would work so hard in the practice room with his members that the mirrors fogged up from the humidity.

The period when I stayed behind in the practice room practicing dances with my members until the room became humid and we couldn’t see the mirror pops up in my mind. Now, the company’s ventilation system is better so even if there are 20 people that come in, the practice room won’t be filled with humidity.

— Taehyun

Clearly, the pain Taehyun endured is paying off well as TXT has been nothing but successful!

Source: Vogue Korea