Purple Or Blue? TXT’s Taehyun Finally Debuts His New Hair Color

Fans couldn’t figure it out until he showed the full color.

TXT‘s Taehyun hid his hair color ahead of the group’s Act: Sweet Mirage world tour by wearing hats during their Weverse live broadcasts. He even teased fans by taking his hat off when moving out of sight of the camera.

Even on the first day of TXT’s Seoul concert, the idol kept the mystery going by continuing to wear a hat. From what could be seen of Taehyun’s sideburns, MOAs were torn between thinking his hair color was purple, blue, or two-toned. Fortunately for them, he didn’t keep the hat on for too long.

For the group’s “Blue Hour” performance, Taehyun finally showed off his new hair color that perfectly suited the song. He revealed a head of vibrant blue hair. Though the mystery was finally solved, many fans couldn’t pinpoint the exact shade of blue it was.

One fan quickly solved that new mystery by pointing out Taehyun’s shade of blue hair as periwinkle, which is blue with tones of purple. Fans were stunned by the accuracy.

Whatever the color, Taehyun can effortlessly pull it off.

Source: Twitter