TXT’s Taehyun Opens Up Honestly About What Happens When They Sing Off-Key

All of the members do it.

TXT‘s Taehyun opened up to fans honestly on Weverse about what happens when one of them happen to sing off-key during a performance.

One fan asked, “If you go off pitch, do the rest of the members hear you??

Taehyun answered, “Yes. You can’t pretend it didn’t happen so you just need to reflect by yourself.

So the question had to be asked. Is it embarrassing to go off pitch and have the members hear you?

Taehyun replied that he would rather go off pitch during rehearsals than the main stage, so they practice very hard. “Well, it’s better to be off-key during rehearsals than the actual stage so we have to fix it before broadcast.

Although TXT are known to be practice bugs, even they have days when they go off-key. But they’ve learned to not take it to seriously but work on it to improve themselves for their next stage!

But who would’ve ever guessed TXT has off-key moments when they sing like this?!