Netizens Raise Concerns About TXT’s Treatment During 2021 MAMAs After Soobin’s Reaction To His Speech Being Cut Short

It isn’t the only evidence netizens found of mistreatment.

On December 11 (KST), netizens worldwide were treated to one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year, and it is the annual 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs). As much as it was a huge event, netizens have been sharing their thoughts on the treatment of some groups, particularly TXT.

The members of TXT | StarNews

One moment in particular that stood out was when TXT accepted the Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 award. When the group won, each member wanted to share their thanks to the fans who voted for this award.

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When it came to leader Soobin‘s time to finish the speech off, the music suddenly hit, and his microphone was quietened so fans couldn’t hear him.

As expected, Soobin was as professional as ever and praised by netizens for being unbothered or unfazed by the sudden action. When the lights started going down, and the voice-over started, Soobin continued talking and even made a point of making his mouth wider to show he wasn’t finished.

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After the ceremony, the clip went viral. Fans couldn’t stop praising Soobin’s attitude towards the issue. Even the other members seemed excited and impressed by how their leader coped with the issues.

However, it wasn’t the only evidence both MOAs and netizens pointed out that showcased the “mistreatment” of TXT throughout the ceremony. Yeonjun participated in the opening collaboration of fourth-generation idols.

Despite his reputation as one of the all-rounders of K-Pop, MOAs were shocked to see what he wasn’t on the thumbnail. Although they later added Yeonjun to the thumbnail, many weren’t happy that he was the only idol left out to start.

Also, when it came to TXT’s performance of “Frost” and “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” many netizens shared their thoughts on the quality of the camera, audio, and lighting when the members were on stage.

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The quality of the performance recording was so low that the group even shared a practice video afterward with what the performance should’ve looked like. It was worlds away from what was seen on the MAMAs with better camera angles, quality, and lighting for fans. 


Alongside netizens sharing their opinions, even the dancers and the group’s choreographer and dance director Subin Kim shared her thoughts on the performance, adding, “I have a lot to say but choose not to.

When the ceremony ended, netizens went online to share their thoughts about TXT’s treatment during the event. In particular, they voiced their anger about how the members were treated, even sharing that the members seemed upset.

As expected, TXT proved that they are true professionals despite the issues. I raised questions about the treatment of the group throughout the event, but Mnet has not responded to the allegations.