TXT Members Spotted Wearing Wigs, Fans Theorize With Wild Speculations

They tried to hide it but eagle-eyed fans immediately caught on!

TXT recently appeared on M Countdown to perform their hit debut track, “Crown”. But fans noticed something odd about two members.


Yeonjun was seen wearing a sky blue hat but eagle-eyed fans quickly caught sight of his sideburns!


There seemed to be hair underneath that’s a completely different color!


Fans realized that Yeonjun was wearing a wig over his real hair, meaning that he’s hiding it from the public!


His real hair appeared to be grayish which is totally different from the wine-color wig he has on!


Beomgyu was also spotted sporting a wig but he couldn’t hide his blonde hair sticking out from the back!


He’s apparently been hiding his hair for days!


Needless to say, fans are going crazy with their reactions to the fact that TXT members are hiding their hair. Many speculate comebacks or a secret that BigHit has in store for TXT and their fans!

Source: Idol Issue