TXT Prove That They’re Wise Beyond Their Years With Their Thoughtful Advice On “&AUDITION – The Howling”

TXT may be chaotic, but they’re full of wisdom.

For the latest episode of &AUDITION – The HowlingTXT surprised the contestants with a special appearance, sitting down to talk with the boys and answer any questions they had for them.


The first question was for Yeonjun: “Ahead of Round 4, please give us some advice you think we most need.”

Yeonjun answered sincerely, encouraging the contestants to continue to practice a lot and make sure they have no regrets.

Whatever the result is I just hope you put on a performance that you won’t regret.

The next question was for Soobin: “Soobin, how did you overcome an introverted personality?”

Soobin shyly answered that he hadn’t gotten over his introverted personality; while the four other extroverts of TXT have definitely influenced him, there are parts to him that will never change.

Taehyun assured the one who asked by telling him he didn’t need to change who he was. If he’s an introvert, he doesn’t need to push himself to be loud, and if he’s an extrovert, he doesn’t need to pretend to be mysterious.

As long as you communicate with sincerity, I think people will be able to see your charm.

The next question concerned TXT’s mindset as artists. Yeonjun told the contestants that he’d be even more serious and sincere with his answer since this question held a lot of weight.

The most important mindset for Yeonjun is to cherish the love of fans. It’s their unconditional support that motivates idols and helps them through both good and bad times.

Be sincere and good to your fans who love you without expecting anything in return. And always live with a grateful attitude.

A question for Beomgyu asked, “You all have your own vibe and distinct character. I’d like to know how to create my own.”

Beomgyu told the contestants not to worry about building an image or looking too hard for a unique charm. Every person has something innate about them that makes them significant and special.

So I don’t think you need to try hard to find your own color. You end up with your own thing as you go.

Yeonjun wrapped up all their advice, echoing Beomgyu’s sentiments.

Just think, ‘I can do it,’ and one day, it’ll become yours Just take care of your mental state.

Every piece of advice the members gave applies even to those who aren’t in the entertainment industry. It goes to show just how wise they are despite their young age. Maturity, after all, doesn’t come with age but with those willing to grow and explore themselves.