TXT’s Yeonjun Was Excited That ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Did The “PS5” Challenge, But Here’s What Happened When He Couldn’t Find The Video

“My cutie did the challenge…”

Even though many idols think that the world of K-Pop is full of rivalries, one of the best things is when idols push aside any preconceptions and showcase their love for each other. In particular, it is these interactions that make netizens love them more.

One iconic friendship that netizens never stop loving is between ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung and TXT‘s Yeonjun.

TXT’s Yeonjun (left) and ATEEZ’s Wooyoung (right)

Of course, it’s a friendship that has been showcased on so many occasions. The duo first met as trainees at BigHit Entertainment and despite debuting in two different groups at different labels, their friendship seems stronger than ever.

Yeonjun once again showcased how close he is to Wooyoung during a recent live broadcast.


From the very beginning, Yeonjun showed his love for the group and even did an epic cover of ATEEZ’s track “Deja Vu”…


Yet, it was something he said later on that had netizens crying over their TXT x ATEEZ crumbs. TXT recently released their track “PS5” with Salem Ilese, As the Kings of TikTok, they released their own challenge for the song…

Everyone has become addicted to it, and it seems even Wooyoung had a try. During a fan call with ATINY (ATEEZ fans), Wooyoung had his own try at the challenge and, as expected, absolutely slayed it, adding his own style and personality.

Of course, netizens had to make sure Yeonjun knew about his bestie doing the challenge. The look on Yeonjun’s face when he found out was truly precious, and he even pretended to be mad that Wooyoung had done it without telling him.

Wait, Wooyoung did the ‘PS5’ challenge? Let me look it up. My cutie did the challenge and didn’t even tell me about it? How dare he. Ah, Jung Wooyoung.

— Yeonjun


Unfortunately, nobody told Yeonjun that Wooyoung did it on a fan call rather than the ATEEZ TikTok account. It meant that after looking through their account, Yeonjun was confused because he couldn’t see it.

What was even cuter was the pout he had when he added, “He didn’t do it though?”


Yet, it isn’t the first time terms of endearment have been used by the duo. During some behind-the-scenes footage from the 2021 MAMAs fourth-generation special performance, as soon as they saw each other, Wooyoung immediately called “Darling” to Yeonjun.

| @hwahwateez/ Twitter   

During a live broadcast, Yeonjun even phoned Wooyoung up and called him “honey”…


Hopefully, someone will show Yeonjun the real video of Wooyoung doing the “PS5” challenge. Who knows, maybe they can do it together when they next meet up and share it with both MOAs and ATINYs worldwide.

Until then, you can read more about their epic friendship below.

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Source: TXT/ VLIVE