TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals His Biggest Fashion Cheat Code

Those are some good fashion tips!

Almost everyone knows that TXT‘s Yeonjun is one of K-Pop’s biggest fashion icons and trendsetters. He always keeps his fans up to date on his looks with mirror selfies that show off his amazing style. What exactly is his secret to always looking so good? Well, in a recent TMI Interview with GQ Korea, Yeonjun shared his “Cheat code for fashion.”

After some thought, Yeonjun revealed that his biggest “cheat code for fashion” is his shoes. Yeonjun explained, “I feel fashion is completed when the shoes are looking nice.”

He even shared the secret behind taking his iconic OOTD (outfit of the day) selfies: “When I take an OOTD picture, I hold my phone upside down and take the mirror shot.”

Yeonjun’s OOTD | @TXT_members/Twitter

So in order to make a stylish outfit, make sure to have some nice shoes and get a good OOTD selfie! And according to Yeonjun, “That’s about it.”

Check out the video below: