Why TXT’s Yeonjun Was “Caught Off Guard” By BOYNEXTDOOR’s Woonhak When They First Met

Who else loves these Inkigayo MCs?

BOYNEXTDOOR may have just released their first single but member Woonhak has already been appointed as one of the MCs of SBS‘s Inkigayo.

He hosts the music show alongside actress Park Ji Hoo and TXT‘s Yeonjun. The latter is also an artist under HYBE, the company that acquired KOZ Entertainment. Though they are labelmates, Woonhak did not meet Yeonjun until they were partnered together in the program.

He described his first meeting with Yeonjun in a recent interview with Weverse Magazine. The younger singer was honest about how important the interaction was to him due to the big influence that TXT played in his development as an idol.

The first K-pop dance I ever learned to cover properly was actually ‘9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)’ by TXT.

— Woonhak

Their introduction began in the standard way, with Woonhak expressing his sincerity to the older singer and eagerness to work together.

Yeonjun told me to drop honorifics when talking with him right when we met…I said to Yeonjun—er, he was still ‘seonbae‘ to me at that point (laughs)—‘Hello, seonbae-nim! I look up to you so much. I can’t wait to work together.’

— Woonhak

Yeonjun, like many other seniors in the industry when meeting rookies, asked him to relax: “He said to me, ‘You can just call me hyung or by my name.”

What Woonhak said after that caught Yeonjun off-guard. Instead of the norm of politely disagreeing to be on casual terms with someone much more experienced, the former happily complied with the request.

Right away I replied, ‘Sounds good, hyeong!’ (laughs) I think I caught him off guard. (laughs) Just switching right away like that. (laughs)

— Woonhak

This was apparently not the usual way Woonhak would react. He made a conscious effort to be more outgoing to quickly improve their chemistry as co-hosts.

I’m usually kind of shy, actually, but I thought I better make friends with him quickly so the show would be fun to watch and to make it more fun for myself too.

— Woonhak

He ended by thanking his senior for the constant support he gives him.

And thanks to Yeonjun putting me at ease like that, we became close really quick. And he always asks me if I’m having trouble with anything. Even though I asked a lot of questions, he answered each and every one of them and was really kind about it. I was touched. Oh! And Yeonjun left a comment on Weverse saying I’m kind of cute. (laughs) I was so grateful for that.

— Woonhak

Source: Weverse Magazine