TXT’s Yeonjun Cries After Finally Achieving His Dream At Their Seoul Concert

The moment hit hard for Yeonjun.

TXT completed the first day of their Act: Sweet Mirage world tour stop in Seoul and didn’t do so without shedding a few tears. It marked a significant milestone for Yeonjun, who finally achieved one of the dreams he’d been working hard towards.

Beomgyu comforting Yeonjun.

As Yeonjun talked about the venue they were performing in, he said, “Yesterday’s rehearsal and today’s concert…” He couldn’t finish his speech before becoming emotional and wiping his tears.

While the tears surprised fans, it was the opposite for TXT. As the members comforted Yeonjun, Taehyun said, “He said he would get emotional today.

Hueningkai explained, “He said that this was the stage of his dream.” Yeonjun’s dream was to perform at Seoul’s KSPO Dome (also called the Olympic Gymnastics Arena). It was the exact venue where TXT saw their seniors perform during their trainee days.

Taehyun and the other members reassured him, “Take your time,” and urged the crowd to say, “‘Yeonjun, I love you.’

Thanks to his members’ support and the loving words of fans, Yeonjun continued his speech. He ended the emotional moment by thanking MOAs for making his dream come true and saying he would repay their love.

I was reminded of our hardships. That just got me emotional. Before I got on the stage, I said, ‘I’m so proud of you. I am so proud of us.’

Thank you for making us come this far. I’m grateful for MOAs who brought us where we are right now. Without you, we are nobody.

Going forward, I want to return your love. I will dance and sing even harder.

— Yeonjun

Source: Twitter