TXT Yeonjun Reveals His Reaction To Getting His Acting Role And Who He Called First

He hadn’t expected to get his first acting role at all.

When K-Drama Live On dropped a teaser with TXT‘s Yeonjun starring in it, the unexpected cameo took fans by surprise with his acting debut. Acting alongside his friend VICTON‘s Choi Byungchan and actress Yang Hye Ji, he impressed viewers with his natural talent.

In a behind-the-scenes clip with the drama director, Yeonjun revealed how he’d reacted when first receiving the news he’d earned his first acting role.

Yeonjun is an idol who can do it all and admitted that acting was one of the areas he’d always been interested in. With TXT still being rookies, he didn’t want to lose focus. “I did want to try acting, but it hasn’t been long since we debuted.

Since he was all in for TXT’s group promotions, he didn’t think much about what would happen after auditioning for the acting role. “So I thought right now was the time to focus on our main jobs. So, I wasn’t expecting too much.

When he was notified about snagging the role, that made it even more of a wonderful surprise. “But I was surprised to hear I was offered a role.” There was one person he wanted to tell the news to most.

He couldn’t wait to tell the person who birthed him. “I was so happy that I bragged about it to my mom.

Because the director couldn’t stop gushing about how natural Yeonjun’s acting was, maybe MOAs will be seeing him snag a few more minor roles in the future.

Watch Yeonjun talk about the celebratory moment for his debut acting role here.