TXT’s Yeonjun Dished On What The Hardest Part Of Recording His Rap For ENHYPEN’s “Blockbuster” Was

We can all agree that Yeonjun killed his part!

ENHYPEN has recently made a comeback with their DIMENSION : DILEMMA album and, of course, it’s a huge hit. One song many fans were excited to hear was “Blockbuster” since it features TXT‘s Yeonjun!


Following the release of “Blockbuster,” many have been praising the song and Yeonjun dished on recording his featured rap in a recent live broadcast.

Toward the start of his live broadcast, Yeonjun already began to discuss his feature in the song. One viewer asked Yeonjun, “What was the hardest part of recording the rap?

Yeonjun thought quite long before he responded to the question but then revealed that the key change in his rap was a bit difficult. Yeonjun claimed that although it was a bit challenging Slow Rabbit, a songwriter and record producer, helped him with his part.

There was a key change in the middle so that was a little hard, but Bunny (Slow Rabbit) PD-nim saved me!

— Yeonjun

Despite the challenging key changes in his rap, Yeonjun explained that the overall process wasn’t too much of a struggle: “The overall process didn’t have a lot of difficulties though.” Clearly, Yeonjun was able to easily able to overcome any obstacle he faced while recording as he definitely slayed his part!

Source: @translatingtxt/Twitter and Naver TV